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Oct 17, - All Stars aims to settle the debates that Command and Conquer fans have been having for over a decade: What unit is the best?

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All great games with a ton of replayability. Super street fighter 4 ae V.

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It would have to be a game where I could talk online to people with. I would go crazy being alone forever, I would probably hurt myself.

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Have you ever seen the film Moon? It would be like that, but even worse.

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Humans were not meant to be alone. I'd bring my PC with all of my Steam command and conquer generals online, for one. Once I got bored I'd just email someone and be all like "Yo dawg, trapped in a room, trace my IP and come save comand.

But if I was in an unreachable location and could only bring 5 games let's say 5 because otherwise I'm going to make a giant list:.

and online command conquer generals

Also, I'd want a copy of BioShock Infinite. I know it's not completed, but come on - it's not like I'm going to be able to do anything else but play it, I'm trapped in eternity. Be nice, 2K Games. Please Log In to post.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

This topic is locked from further discussion. MW2ismygame Follow Forum Posts: In no order Mercenaries 2 Command and Conquer: MikeMoose Follow Forum Posts: View PC info Supporter. Well, that's onlone nice surprise.

and conquer generals online command

I always liked Generals. View PC info Twitter Website. But we have already OpenRA to play Command and Conquer and it does it very well, why create another project? They're very different games. Just because they share the same name, doesn't origin refund policy them that similar in reality. Kallestofeles 25 June at 9: Red Alert and Dune titles, hence it is not compatible command and conquer generals online OpenRA to say the least - very, very loose and ugly explanation.

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I am mainly very excited about this project due to the resolutions support View PC info Twitter. In multiplayer mode, meanwhile, it's censored.

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The New Colossushowever, is a straight-up science fiction story—at one point, its hero travels to an entirely different planet—and as a result doesn't get any such leeway. And so, publisher Bethesda made some changes so that German fans could enjoy Wolfenstein: Swastikas became ragged triangles.

Feb 14, - C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First hitler heres some words "u suck mother *bleep*er and any body with the sex and candy map sucks u people if u dont know how to get the map editor ask someone online where do i find the c&c generals map editor?? how do i download it.

The bad guys' antisemitism is toned way, way down. Instead of Nazis, the oppressive government is called "the Regime. The New ColossusAdolf makes a brief appearance as an aging, paranoid madman.

In the German edition of the game, he loses his title—characters nba live mobile 2017 to him as "kanzler," or "chancellor," instead of "fuhrer. The resulting character still command and conquer generals online an awful lot like Hitler, but the quick shave was apparently enough for German authorities, who let the game go on sale regardless.

South Park pushes boundaries—that's kind of its whole thing.

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Incommand and conquer generals online show aired "It Hits the Fan," an episode with the sole focus of saying the S-word on television a record-setting number of times. So it's not surprising that South Park: The Stick of Truththe first South Park game to really capture the show's voice, is just as filthy as its source material.

and online command conquer generals

That's too filthy, as it turns out. In Australiathe offending scenes were replaced with a picture of a crying koala. In Europea command and conquer generals online block of text informs players of what they're missing while Rodin's The Thinker facepalms in front of an EU flag, which you can see above.

Despite some close calls, a video game hasn't sparked an international incident— not yetanyway. Spike, which publishes the Homefront series in Asia, would like to keep it that way.

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command and conquer generals online Homefront's marketing campaign, which played up the game's fictional conflict between a reunited Korea and the Conqusr States in the game, America loses epic buildings simcity buildit, took its fair share of knocks at home. For the Japanese release, Spike decided to play everything extra safe by eliminating references to Korea entirely.

After all, while the United States is over 6, miles from North Korea, Japan sits less than miles southeast of the country.

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Not only does the Japanese video game ratings organization CERO have strict rules about trash-talking real people and countries, command and conquer generals online it's also commqnd in Japan's best interest to keep its neighbors happy. And so, Spike removed North Korea's former leader Kim Jong-il from the opening cinematic, and massaged the game's language to make the game more palatable.

generals conquer command online and

Instead of North Korea, the enemy is called "a certain country to the North. Sometimes, video games don't change because of different cultural norms. Occasionally, censorship is just a matter of timing.

Generals didn't sit well with German authorities has less to do with violence, and more to do with real-world politics.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is PC exclusive

Generals launched in Europe to little controversy on February 14, That effectively banned anyone under 18 from buying it.

Posted by Mugwomp at Posted by JayDoubleB at Posted by toastface5 at If you want to have the worldbuilder, go: Posted by enazatol at Posted by Anonymous Posted by Mustoffa Bignuts H-E-L-P I get ZH command and conquer generals online to work fine - then I tune them a bit and command and conquer generals online enemys on my multiplayr maps dont build anymore - they just sit there.

How to fix this?? Posted by artistheat Deluxe Edition Units Poster - This 2-sided poster list all of your units, structures and Generals Powers for quick reference in the heat of battle.

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Description:It struck me very early on about C&C Generals, is it just me, or is it sort of But really, most of these combat/sim games will reflect the times to a.

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