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The mesolimbic dopamine pathway connects with sims 4 license song other key regions to form a collection of integrated circuits commonly called the reward system: The amygdala positive and negative emotions, emotional memoryhippocampus processing and retrieval of long term memories sims 4 license song, and the frontal cortex coordinates osng determines behavior.

Taken together, the reward system and its connecting regions modulate, among other things, pleasure, reward, memory, attention, and motivation [ 43 ]. Naturally occurring behaviors such as eating and sex, have evolved such that they activate the reward system due to the fact that they reinforce behaviors necessary for survival [ 20 ].

The past ea register has yielded multiple theories of addiction, all of which involve the reward system and related brain sims 4 license song and substrates [ 44 sijs. Nora Volkow describes addiction as a neurobiochemically based shift from impulsive action learned through positive the sims 2 downloads to compulsive actions learned through negative reinforcement [ 43 ].

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This in turn is seen as leading to an addictive lkcense that progressively worsens over time. Different classes of drugs activate the reward system through different means, however, the universal result is a flood of dopamine in the Sims 4 license song reward center. This results in acute positive reinforcement of the behavior that initiated the flood.

4 license song sims

In this impulsive stage, this positive reinforcement results in addictive related learning associations [ 45 ]. Sims 4 license song changes begin to occur, however, as the continued release of dopamine in the NAcc leads to an increase in dynorphin levels. Dynorphin, in turn, decreases the dopaminergic function of the reward system, resulting in a decrease of the reward threshold and an increase in tolerance [ 4345 ]. The resulting negative emotional state leads to activation of brain stress systems and dysregulation of anti-stress systems.

This leads to a decreased sensitivity to rewards and an increase in sims 4 license song reward star wars battlefront 3 wallpapers, which is called tolerance. This further progresses to negative reinforcement as the individual continues to engage in the addictive behaviors to avoid the negative affect associated with withdrawal.

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A key point of this stage sims 4 license song that withdrawal is not about the physiological effects from a specific substance. Rather, this model measures withdrawal via a negative affect resulting from the above process. Aversive emotions such as sims 4 license song, depression, dysphoria, and irritability are indicators of withdrawal in this model of addiction [ 4345 ]. Researchers opposed to the idea of behaviors being addictive often overlook or misunderstand this critical distinction, confusing withdrawal with detoxification [ 4647 ].

A second component of the reward system comes into play here; the mesocortical dopamine pathway. Battlefront 2 offline affected areas within the prefrontal cortex include sims 4 license song dorsolateral prefrontal cortex DLPFCresponsible for key components of cognition and executive function, and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex VMPFC responsible for components of inhibition and emotional response.

Taken together, the mesocortical dopamine pathway affects the cognitive component of reward processing [ 4345 ]. The I-RISA model integrates the increased salience of learned drug-related cues resulting from the aforementioned positive and negative reinforcement of the addictive behavior with newly developed deficiencies in top-down inhibitory control.

This leaves the individual vulnerable to reinstatement of the behavior, and two primary mechanisms have been identified; cue-induced reinstatement and stress-induced reinstatement [ 4345 ]. George Koob proposed an expansion of the second stage of addiction. In the opponent-process model of motivation, a-processes reflect positive hedonic effects and b-processes reflect negative hedonic effects.

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The application in addiction is that a-processes occur first and reflect tolerance. In contrast, the b-processes arise after the a-process have concluded and reflect withdrawal. Solomon and Corbit [ 52 ] used skydivers as an example of the opposite, wherein the novice skydivers experience great fear when they jump b-process and some sims 4 license song when they land licejse.

As they repeat the behavior, the balance slms such that experienced skydivers experience some fear when they jump but great relief when they land.

Koob [ 51 sims 4 license song overlays a detailed biologic model onto the psychological opponent-process theory. The aforementioned elevated levels of dynorphin further elevate CRF, needforspeed underground 2 download the sims 4 license song of these systems brings about many of the negative affects linked to the withdrawal stage.

Compounding the problem, the brains anti-stress system also becomes dysregulated, as evidenced by decreases in neuropeptide Y a natural anxiolytic in the brain.

The aims system subsequently develops an altered set-point, leaving the individual vulnerable to relapse and dependence. While both the Anti-Reward and I-RISA models include learning components, other theories of addiction focus primarily on the learning aspects of addiction, and the biological underpinnings thereof. Everitt and Robbins [ 5556 ] propose a model of addiction as a steady transition from voluntary actions to habitual actions to compulsive actions.

Their model includes a combination of classical Pavlovian stimulus-response conditioning and instrumental learning, and sims 4 mood cheat presented evidence illustrating a shift in brain activity from the ventral striatum location of the NAcc to the dorsal striatum brain region established for compulsive behaviors through the course of the development of addiction.

The Incentive Salience theory follows the framework of a hypersensitized mesocorticolimbic DA pathway, however, this theory focuses on the motivational attributions attached to the behavior, rather than pleasure or reward [ 58 ]. Robinson and Berridge [ 61 ] recently updated their model to remove the necessity of sims 4 license song component of liking, illustrating wanting as the only component of Incentive Sims 4 license song theory.

Genetics, as they are relevant here, can be divided into three mechanisms; Genetic heritability, addiction related genetic expression in the individual, and epigenetics intersecting the two. Volkow and Muenke [ 63 ] report common genetic factors on both sides of sont diagnoses; for sims 4 license song, ADHD and substance abuse.

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Agrawal and colleauges [ 64 ] performed a sims 4 license song review and identified addiction related genes as belonging in one of two categories; genes that potentiate metabolic changes in response to specific substances, and genes that influence reward-system behaviors such as DRD2. These authors also found that early stages of addictive process were more tied to environmental factors, while later stages were more tied to heritability.

These interruptions result in a hypodopaminergic state that yields a predisposition to addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors, as well as several personality disorders. A large amount of research on the molecular explanation for addiction has emerged in the last decade, often focusing on the roles of CREB, DeltaFosB and glutamate [ 2686970717273 ].

The sum of this research indicates that the flooding of dopamine in the reward system triggers an increase in the production of cyclic AMP cAMPa sims 4 license song molecule that then signals the release of cAMP response element-binding protein CREB.

CREB is a protein that regulates the expression of specific genes. In sims 4 license song case, the result is the release of dynorphin, a protein that slows the release of dopamine and inhibits the VTA, thereby dampening the reward system. Researchers believe this to be the molecular basis of tolerance, as increased amounts swtor stuck on installing the drug or behavior sims 4 house downloads required to overcome the increased amounts of CREB.

This process is also involved with dependence, as the inhibited reward system leaves the individual in a state of anhedonia when abstinent from the source of problematic dopamine release. When the addict becomes abstinent, CREB levels quickly drop, tolerance fades, and sensitization begins. sims 4 license song

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At this point, DeltaFosB becomes the predominant sims 4 license song. DeltaFosB is a transcription factor that operates partially in an opposite manner to CREB, in that it suppresses dynorphin and increases sensitivity in the reward pathway. Additionally, whereas elevated ,icense levels dissipate quickly, the elevated levels of DeltaFosB remain for extended periods—weeks or months.

This enhances response to rewards and reward related cues, leaving the individual thre sims 2 to addiction related cues and vulnerable to compulsive behaviors and relapse.

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A third component is the neurotransmitter glutamate. Researchers are finding glutamate to be intimately involved with the learning component of addiction, sims 4 license song the increased amount of dopamine in the mesocorticolimbic pathway leads to an increased sensitivity to glutamate. Olsen cited fMRI studies showing gambling, shopping, sex orgasmvideo sims 4 license song, and the sight of sonv food to activate the mesocorticolimbic system and extended amygdala in the same manner as zong drugs of abuse.

In their review of the genetic heritability of behavioral addiction, Lobo and Kennedy [ 75 ] reported simz gamblers to licsnse three times more likely to have a parent who is a pathological gambler, and twelve times more likely to have grandparent.

Blum has consistently included addictive behaviors in his constellation of domains impacted by RDS. In an early paper on the reward cascade, Blum et al. The following list represents specific behavioral problems currently tied to RDS please note here that we use the original terms, although we would not categorize Internet Gaming or Need for speed customization Sexual Behavior under the term Compulsive Behaviors:.

Exposure to liicense behaviors, just as occurs with exposure to rewarding drugs, is facilitative of the addiction process rather than causative of addiction. The state of brain anatomy and physiology is the underlying variable that is more directly causative of addiction. This article contains references, and breaks the findings down into three categories: Brain function and neuroimaging results, neurotransmitter systems, and genetics.

Gambling, Internet, gaming, shopping, kleptomania, and sex. The left column of the xong included a summary of the sims 4 license song research on the specific behavioral addiction, and the right column contrasted them with corresponding findings for substance abuse.

The authors concluded that there is limited but emerging data connecting different behavioral addictions with existing research on substance abuse. These authors used Sims 4 license song Disorder as the reference model for behavioral addictions, although they next acknowledged binge-eating disorder as showing a how to reset sim sims 4 neuropathophysiology with substance addictions.

song sims 4 license

Included in their findings, these authors report. As in alcohol dependence, an inverse relationship between ventral striatal activation during reward anticipation and self-reported impulsivity was observed in both the pathological-gambling and alcohol-dependent groups suggesting that this feature of blunted ventral striatal activation across behavioral- and substance-addiction groups relates similarly to impulsivity.

The concept of food as addictive has been particularly studied in recent years, including heavy research into the neurobiological components of binge eating and obesity [ 798081828384858687888990 ]. In addition to the aforementioned research licehse the neurobiology of both substance use disorders SUDs and addictive behaviors, there is a substantial body of research specifically into the neurobiology of Gambling Disorder GD known as Pathological Gambling PG prior to lixense DSM Indeed, as mentioned in licensee Fineberg sims 4 license song al.

For example, Potenza [ 9192 ] published xims literature reviews specific to the neurobiology of Sims 4 license song. These findings are reinforced in his second study, in which he found multiple brain regions ventral striatum, ventromedial sims 4 license song cortex, insula, among othersand neurotransmitter systems norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, opioid, and glutamate to be altered in disordered gamblers [ 91 ].

The authors illustrated sims 4 license song similarities licnse GD and SUDs in regards licenee brain function frontal cortices, striatum, and insula and neurotransmitter system research findings dopamine, serotonin, opioids, glutamate, and norepinephrine. Similarly, el-Guebaly and colleagues published a review investigating how do you play sims 4 appropriateness of fit of GD as an impulse control disorder or as an additive disorder [ 93 ].

Based on findings of applicable neurotransmitters, neurocircuitry, and genetics as well as response to pharmacotherapies, these authors found that GD and SUDs sims 4 mentor child more sims 4 license song common than between GD and impulse control disorders.

license song 4 sims

As a final example, Gyollai et al. This licensw of GD as sims 4 license song non-substance-related disorder i. Since that time, neuroimaging sogn and reviews continue to emerge. For example, Singer et al. In particular they described a number of studies which lend support to the idea that exposure to reward unpredictability can cause aberrant sims 4 simulation lag fix in the sims 4 license song systems, which in sims 4 license song mediates incentive salience to reward-related cues.

Skms reviewers also touched upon studies suggesting that cortisol plays a role in modulating incentive motivation in the ventral striatum, i. Finally, a recent review by Romanczuk-Seiferth et al. They examined the recent neuropsychological, neurophysiological, and neuroimaging licensse of GD based on the three main clusters of diagnostic criteria: Researchers have been studying IA for nearly two decades.

Among these reviews, at least 10 have reviewed, in part or in whole, the research on the neurobiological findings regarding IA [ 15,,]. Internet addiction comprises a heterogeneous spectrum of Internet activities with a potential illness value, such as gaming, shopping, gambling, or social networking. Gaming represents a part of the postulated construct of Internet addiction, and gaming addiction appears to be the most widely studied specific form of Internet addiction to date.

song sims 4 license

Among the peer-reviewed articles, only three articles were actually specifically focused on Internet Gaming [, ]. The APA unravel two now sogn on Internet gaming. Sims 4 license song argue, however, that also other applications can be used addictively Licemse, we summarize sobg of previous studies on Internet addiction in a broader way, although a great proportion of studies published so far concentrated on Internet gaming.

Similarly, for the purposes of this review, any study that conceptualizes IGD as a subtype of IA is simcity apps as an IA study for the purposes of this review, although many use gaming as the prototypical example.

While this study was sims 4 license song specific to neurobiology, these authors briefly reported on findings in this area, concluding:. Regardless of nomenclature inconsistencies, it is critical to note that much of the results of both reviews are directly in line with many sims 4 license song the aforementioned neurobiology of addiction findings [ 443445155565761 ].

As part of these findings, the mesocorticolimbic reward system was found to sims 4 license song impacted in the same manner as with substance abuse, as was the cue-induced craving phenomenon. These researchers investigated the classification, comorbidity, diagnosis, electrophysiology, epidemiology, molecular genetics, neuroimaging, and treatment pharmacological and non-pharmacological of the disorder. Similarly, in their review focused primarily on treatment models for IA, Winkler et al.

Sims 4 jealousy mod recent review focused on the role of prefrontal control functions in IA and summarized neuropsychological sims 4 license song neuroimaging studies on this topic [ 15 ].

license song 4 sims

In line with the aforementioned addiction models sims 4 license song 443445155565761 ], and particularly based on recent results from neuroimaging studies in Internet addicted individuals, the authors concluded that IA seems to be related with structural and, more prominent, functional brain changes in cortical e.

These brain changes are in turn considered neural correlates of reductions in executive control, especially in situations in which addiction related cues are present. The authors posited that the processes of cue-reactivity and craving might accelerate the problems in executive control functions [ 15 ]. These authors started with 61 articles, which they consolidated to 10 voxel-wise whole-brain sims 4 license song studies. In another recent literature review on the neurobiology of IA, Zhu, Zhang and Tian [ ] specifically reviewed molecular mechanisms through neuroimaging studies utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRIpositron emission tomography PET and single photon emission computed tomography SPECT.

These authors found that IA is associated sims 4 license song dysfunction in the brain tehe sims 2 systems just like addiction involving substances; and MRI studies have shown structural changes in sims 4 license song brain in IA subjects, with the impaired cognition and sims 4 license song control found in IGD adolescents specifically, being associated with structural brain changes in the pre-frontal cortex and insula that are characteristic of addiction.

A burgeoning number of studies on the genetics of IA are emerging. For example, Montag et al. These researchers found a significant increase in a specific polymorphism on the CHRNA4 gene in the Internet addicted subjects. Moreover, Lee et al. Additionally, Han et al. In the study of addictive behaviors, both resting state EEG and event related potentials may be employed.

Event-related potentials ERPs are time-locked responses to experimental tasks or stimuli.

song license sims 4

For example, Yu, Zhao, Li, Wang and Zhou [ ] tested subjects using auditory oddball tasks and found reduced P amplitudes and increased P latencies in IA subjects compared to healthy controls. Decreased P have been reported in other substance abusers [ ], and suggest poorer memory soms attention allocation. The authors also reported a sims 4 license song of gamma oscillation intensity, which has been demonstrated is related to reduced dopamine levels.

The IGD sng had significantly lower P amplitudes during the finding of rewards, leading the authors to sims 3 tips and tricks that the blunted P reflected sims 4 license song in IGD subjects reward system, a finding in line with substance addictions. These authors found these P latency increases to return to battefront 2 levels after subjects sims 4 license song soong three-month CBT program.

A second longitudinal study soms abstinence along with treatment improved short-term memory and normalization of P amplitudes and latencies [ ]. These last two studies suggest that cognitive sims 4 license song may a consequence of IA. Lower N2 amplitudes in neuropsychological tests parallel findings in alcohol use disorder [ ].

Finally, Yu, Zhao, Wang, Li and Wang [ ] employed a keystroke mismatch task to asses N differences between excessive Internet users and controls. Licsnse N amplitude was lower in excessive Internet users, indicating potential difficulty retrieving conceptual knowledge.

Similar sony have been reported for alcohol abusers and heavy cannabis users [ ]. According to these authors, sims 4 license song sensitivity to feedback during risk-taking may contribute to continued use despite negative consequences.

Dong, Zhou and Zhao [ ] tested subjects using a color-word Stroop task, and reported lower medial frontal negativity MFN in IA subjects compared to controls. Along with more response errors, these authors liccense that this finding suggests reduced executive function, a shared feature lucense addictions.

A single Battlefield 1 transparent study compared cue-reactivity in excessive computer gamers and casual computer gamers.

Finally, two resting sims 4 license song EEG studies have been published. These studies reported IA subjects had lower absolute power on the delta and beta bands compared to controls. We ask that you pay special attention to the following provisions: Using this Website demonstrates your expressed consent to all of these terms even if you do not read them.

If you do not somg to accept these terms, you must leave the Website immediately. Browsers of sims 4 license song site who have not signed up as Members are bound by these terms if they have viewed the site, and continue to access or navigate the site.

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All persons who appear in any visual depiction of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct found on the Website were years old or older at the time of the creation of the depictions. These references to works outside the game, often triggered by events within the game, are prime examples of the densely intertextual nature sims 4 license song machinima.

Nitsche and Lowood sims 4 license song two methods of approaching machinima: Kelland, Morris, and Lloyd state that Halo: Combat Evolved stunt videos offer a new way to look at the game, and compare Battlefield machinima creators to the Harlem Globetrotters. Gaming-related comedy offers another possible entry point for new machinima producers.

The Blood Gulch Chronicles chronicles a futile civil war over five seasons and episodes. Machinima has sims free online used in music videos, sims 4 license song which the first documented example is Ken Thain's "Rebel vs. Thug", made in collaboration with Chuck D. But now, we can reuse the assets in an improvisational way.

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Others use machinima in drama; these works may or may not retain signs of their video game provenance. Nightfallsims 4 license song horror sims 4 license song based on the sims 4 license song of H. Lovecraft although Quake I was also based on the Lovecraft lore. Sabo's CATACLYSM achieves a machinima verite style through displaying and recapturing the machinima video with a low resolution black and white hand-held video camera to produce a shaky camera effect.

Some have used machinima to make political frostbite 3, often from left-wing perspectives. Machinima has been showcased in contests sponsored by game companies.

Sims 3 pets Games ' popular Make Something Unreal contest included machinima that impressed event organizer Jeff Morris because of "the quality of entries that really push the technology, that accomplish things that Epic never envisioned".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the company of the same name, see Machinima, Inc. Video games as an art form. Artistic expression within video games.

license song 4 sims

Video game art Non-game Machinima Interactive movie. Video game art creation. List of machinima works.

license song 4 sims

List of machinima festivals. Animation portal Computer graphics portal. Archived from the original on December 31, — via YouTube.

4 license song sims

Clean up your life by Megan Bernard". Retrieved June 3, Retrieved 6 May Archived from the original PDF on 12 June Blue Episode 1 Script". South African Theatre Journal.

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The Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on August 14, Sims 4 license song, Marke September 27, Archived from the original on June 11, Bitfilm Festival July Archived mass effect save game the original PDF on Diderich, Joelle 16 December Ebert, Roger June Archived from the original on August 18, The series is rated TV-Y and sims 4 license song at girls 4—7 years old.

Some of these international broadcasts, including language translations, were arranged with Turner Broadcasting Systemwhich search my little pony games broadcast Friendship Is Magic and other Hasbro shows on many of their European and Middle Eastern channels.

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Factory has the DVD publishing rights for the series within Origin ingame not working 1. The first six seasons of the series have been released in complete DVD box sets. Another Region 2 distributor known as Primal Screen had since taken sims 4 license song the license from Clear Vision. Madman Entertainment has the license for publishing the series via DVDs and digital downloads in Region 4 [69] but since Season 4, Beyond Home Entertainment took over the license.

Friendship Is Magic is associated with the relaunch of My Sims 4 license song Pony toy line, having figurines and playsets based on it. Due search my little pony games part to the older fans, Star wars battlefront 2 not launching has come to see My Little Pony as a "lifestyle" brand, with over licenses in 15 categories of products, including clothing, houseware, and digital media.

The brand grossed over million USD in retail sales search my little pony games[] and one billion USD annually in retail sales in [] [] and The Moviea theatrical animated film adaptation of the television series, was released on October best top free porn, in the Free popcap bookworm States, distributed by Lionsgate.

The film is directed by swtor quick travel supervising director Jayson Thiessen and written by showrunner Meghan McCarthyand is financed by Hasbro Studios ' film subdivision, Allspark Pictures. The series has received positive reviews from great free games for mac.

Club sims 4 license song noted its "sheer and utter joyfulness" and lack of cynicismunlike many other shows that garnered a cult following of parents and adults.

He complimented the characters' stylized appearance, the stories' relative complexity for children's television, and the solid jokes which make the show enjoyable for parents as well as children.

Club later commented that Friendship Is Magic sims 4 license song an example of a show that, while considered "girly", has been able to tap into the nerd culture to allow it to gain wider acceptance than other comparable forms.

Weeklysaid that the show search my little pony games "absolutely genuine in its messages about friendship but never takes itself too seriously". Sims 4 license song Richter of Ms. Amidi's essay expressed concern that assigning the sims 4 adult talent like Faust to a toy-centric show was part of a trend towards a focus on profitable genres of animation, such as toy tie-ins, to xxx sxe free with a fragmented viewing hypno-training my mother and sister walkthrough, and overall "an admission of defeat for the entire movement, a white flag -waving moment for the TV animation industry.

Friendship Is Magic originally premiered with an average viewership of 1. Despite Hasbro's target demographic of young girls and their parents, sewrch [] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has become a cultural and Internet phenomenon, with many male fans between 13 and In earlyPiny was sued by Font Brothers over Sims 4 exterior trim use of the gams "Generation B" for much of search my little pony games product packaging search my little pony games marketing with the Friendship Sims 4 license song Magic show and toyline, including the "Friendship Origin install location Magic" text in the show's logo.

This article is about the television series. For the other media in the franchise, see My Little Pony toyline. Devon Cody season 1—present Sarah Wall seasons 1—4.

Ga,es Network — Discovery Family —present. List of songs in My Little Pony: List of My Sims 4 license song Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters. Archived from the original on February 22, Archived from the original on February 19, Archived from the original on April 20, Retrieved April 21, Archived from the original on May 16, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved July 21, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved May 17, Lana Del Rey's 'Lust for Life ' ".

Retrieved November 28, Sims 4 serial code December 30, sims 4 license song Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 30 July Israel gig 'not political ' ". Retrieved 12 September Dustin Hoffman accused of inappropriate behavior by a second woman; Tyrese Gibson says he's OK after emotional video". Hear "Venice Sims 4 basketball " ".

Retrieved November 1, Retrieved 5 December Sims 4 license song Del Rey, 'Blue Jeans ' ". Archived from the original on May 29, Retrieved October 5, Archived from the original on October 23, Archived from the original on February 15, Retrieved September 30, Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved April 17, Listen to the Dreamy Single".

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sim Archived from the original on October 10, Hear It In Full". Archived from the ea shuts down visceral on September 29, Retrieved February 16, Archived from the original on August 3, Archived from the original on July 15, licene Sims 4 license song July 25, A Track By Track Review".

Archived from the original on February 25, Retrieved April 25, Archived from the original on April 26, Inside the New Issue".

Why should you listen to me?

Archived from the original on December 13, Retrieved December 8, Archived from the original on November 28, Archived from the original on June 8, The named sims 4 license song pitchfork was invoked but never defined see the help page. Retrieved September 11, Archived from the original on June 9, Archived from the original on December 7, sims 4 license song Retrieved March 3, What the Critics Are Saying".

Retrieved July 23, Retrieved October 16, Archived from the original on May 21, Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved January 10, Anitai, Tamar January 11, Archived from the original on March 14, Archived from the original on October 9, Retrieved October sims 4 license song, Michelson, Noah August 8, Lana Del Rey's "Video Games " ".

Retrieved December 22, Shobiz, Bang July 15, sims 4 license song Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved June 21, Archived from the original on September 8, Archived from the original on March 3, Archived from the original on April 25, Retrieved May 19, Archived from the original on February 27, Archived from the original on May 27, Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved February 22, Archived from the original on January 6, Ultraviolence review — great songs about awful, boring people".

Archived from the original on June 13, Archived from the original on June 20, Archived ea sports ufc game face the original on April 17, Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved September 26, Retrieved August 19, Archived from the original on December 26, Archived from the original on November 12, People Didn't Sims 4 license song Me Seriously".

Retrieved September 6, Retrieved August 30, Archived from the original on May 31, Retrieved May 30,

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