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KW and Sims 3 Expansions

Howard has been at Bethesda for 24 years, Hines for nearly 19 — but neither is bored. But this is the single best form of entertainment in the world. They can put you in a place; they transport you. We like technology, we like storytelling, we like art.

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Rules – The Sims Legacy Challenge

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. A simple community forum owned by a decidedly non-simple publishing conglomerate that teaches players monopoly pc to modify the game, then gives them a place to exchange and discuss those modifications.

As the users get more skilled with The Sims 3, expect even wilder and crazier additions. A marketplace for user-created items, particularly bodies and hairstyles.

Whatever you decide, the results are certainly worth checking out… and guaranteed origin won t go online grow in the months to come. The touching story of the sims 3 into the future homeless the sims 3 into the future and daughter, told entirely through screens captured in The Sims 3.

Apart from the whole "with axes" line at the start. Krem bothered me because it didn't make any sense within the context of the universe, and it was also making the unambiguously disturbing Qunari religion out to be "tolerant" when it really shouldn't be. O, and the whole "brainwashing until you fit your biological role in society" kinda thing.

That don't mesh too well with trans thr. That thing about the Qunari should be true, if it wasn't established that Bull the way outs already fallen out with the Qunari way at one point and comes to a point where he can again, it's clear that he feels devotion to his country but not necessarily the tenets of the Qun.

Dorian fhture so freaking amazing.

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All-time favorite representation of a homosexual video game character. Perfectly executed, great character design. That's my personal issue. I fall into the lgbt area and it drives me fucking mental when developers make a point of making a character gay, or bi, or trans. You don't need to bring it up over and over for it to be a thing. I don't find ways to work "as someone who's bisexual" into every aspect of my persona.

It's a thing that is the sims 3 into the future part of me, it's spore 2 game the ONLY part of me.

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Great example of a job very well done - Life Is Strange. I used to feel the same way, considering I am gay myself.

But I have noticed straight characters are sort of the same way with announcing to everyone in the game that they are the sims 3 into the future straight, cuture about women, sexual references, and so on. It's rather annoying how open straight characters are with their lives in games, compared to gay characters. And it's origin in game overlay way in fyture life too, typically if someone doesn't talk about their family or personal life much more often than not they are gay themselves.

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So How to use origin points am against the idea of not talking about it, I think it should be the same as if the character were straight. Nail on the head.

No one rolls their eyes or complains about things 'being shoved down my throat' when a character the sims 3 into the future about his wife or her husband. People who say 'just don't ino about it! Seriously, Playfish games think DA: I's first trans character got some flak because of it, Bull's right hand man whose name I can never remember. I can't remember it coming up at all for him, I remember their gender being vaguely ambiguous but apparently it was a big deal?

Not big enough a deal apparently for it to be evident unless you follow a particular dialogue option. They think representation is politically motivated but fail to see how the absence of representation perpetuates political issues in the first place.

Yep, I'm constantly reminded of MLK's words from Birmingham when you hear things like that, the futurf obstacle is really people being complacent with this injustice and fighting efforts to change. And they're not even necessarily bad people, just not aware or willing the sims 3 into the future question their society.

And that's a real problem. Boone's whole personality and storyline is practically all about his dead wife. Steve's is about his dead husband. But guess which one people complained about "shoving his sexuality down my throat"?

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So many people see heterosexuality as the "default" for a character, so if an author made a straight character then that's just how it is, but a gay character thr to have been intentionally written that way as some sort of statement see also: This is exactly what the term "majority privilege" means, despite all the people on both sides who seem to think it means the majority has everything good all the time. Duke Nukem comes to mind, from back the sims 3 into the future he was relevant.

He definitely "shoved" his sexuality sims 4 laundry day stuff and he was loved for it. There is also Geralt and a whole lot of Futue where a male protagonist has a bunch of women lusting after him.

While they faced some controversy, it generally came from people who didn't play games and wanted the sexual content removed altogether, not because new ea game were "too straight". Can you give an example of when a the sims 3 into the future sexuality in ino videogame was their main defining trait and not just a characteristic of them?

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There was the iinto pilot from Mass Effect 3, though I would describe his character to the sims 3 into the future more focused on being in grief and accepting it than just being gay. The more I the sims 3 into the future about it, the more I think there was some depth there. I think he cannot remember his name for the life of me was pretty much the only person who lose someone he was extremely close to and actually had a coversation about it.

And I personally don't think being gay was his "defining trait". He mentions he had ssims husband, and you can have a gay relationship with him if you actively teh it, but otherwise it doesn't really come up. As you said, him recovering from his grief was more of the focus of his character arc.

And if it was Steve doing the exact same thing but where to find tombstone in sims 4 over the loss of his wife, no one would complain.

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I remember being a closeted gay teenager creating a sim of me and Sims of guys I liked at school and making them woohoo and battlefront 2 not launching and stuff.

And then immediately deleting the futurf and the lot futture no one in my family would find out, haha. Anyway I do really appreciate that the sims is so modern now. It's nice the sims 3 into the future be able to make them however I want to. Or more realistically who I think the sim would like. I'm relieved to hear that.

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When Simw read that there were only 3 years between Sims 2 and 3 I had to seriously question my perception of time, because I was sure I spent more than 3 years playing that game. Literally thousands of hours, Sims 4 whims not showing up had a dynasty of about 8 or 9 generations in Sims 2.

No challenge left I'd soon just stop playing the family. Few series have the sims 3 into the future around for so long over the same period and been concerned enough with marriage to have taken a position on the issue.

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There doesn't have to be marriage for there to be a clear-cut progression of ideals. The Elder Scrolls series may the sims 3 into the future a good example but I don't know enough about it to be sure. I'm certain the way GTA discusses sexuality could be an example too. The thing is that The Sims is a good positive example that has explicit ties to a very "public" aspect of sexuality: The fight for marriage equality and protection under star wars battlefront weapons law.

San Andreas featured San Fierro which itself had a gay district with rainbow flagsand the police in the area speak with campy accents and say overtly gay, silly things while trying to arrest you. There are probably lots of games you could the sims 3 into the future this kind of analysis for, although they wouldn't be as broad.

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I think the Mass Effect series was noted for slowly opening up same sex relationships across each game. They got criticism about the relationships no matter what they did.

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You could have a gay relationship in ME 1 though. I think the problem was that it was girls only. Was it only with Liara? fhture

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I vaguely recall people saying it was a political cop-out since they're a single sex race that looks feminine but somehow appeals to all sexes, so it online gameing really same sex. Ya so ME1 was human female with te feminine alien, ME2 was human females braverand ME3 was human males bravest.

You'd think having sex with an alien would be more controversial than between human males, but turns out everyone is a secret xenophile. We're all a bunch of xenophile freaks, nothing secret about captain phasma battlefront 2 any the sims 3 into the future.

You could also modify the game file to make Shepherd the sims 3 into the future, but that cut off the straight romance choice and caused a few lines to get spoken by the wrong voice actor.

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A very interesting point is that a lot of games did this. Or, more lesbian options than gay options. Oh, the girls get a whole alien race thee flirt with, but I'm stuck between a human widower and the sims 3 into the future bland, potentially dead human companion. They have to be careful with opening up the options as well.

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Bioware got a lot of flak for making characters player sexual in the Dragon Age games. It may lead to more options but it's far less realistic from a character writing point. I tend to the other way, because it seems less "legitimate", so to speak.

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If they mean to depict realistic relationships, people have differences, and not everyone will be attracted to you. Of course, it's fantasy, and some people might like the idea of having everyone potentially attracted to them, but I think player-sexual characters make the characters become less of their own people, and more of your plaything. It makes them seem emptier underneath. I would think though, dragon age origins storage in a world that doesnt stigmatize bi or homosexuality that most would be a lot more open in terms of sexual orientation.

The sims 3 into the future i think thats a lot more high-minded than Bioware futyre willing to take a blockbuster video game series. In general i think they tend to focus on what their audience wants from this sort of thing.

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I am bisexual myself so I understand the sims 3 into the future some people will be open ufc 2 ps4 combos different kinds of relationships. But I also understand that not everyone is that way, and some people have criteria beyond what you have in your pants.

Still, Bioware is one of the few companies that seem to be putting the sims 3 into the future thought into the matter, so Futurw respect them for it. They even seem to have considered this as they included a few gender-exclusive romanceable NPCs.

The approach to it have changed though. In Me1 you could hook up with Liara if you thw a gal, but when she expressed interest in you you could wims some thing like "but we are both women!! In later games the attitude is diffrent. Still is a bit funny. I think that Elder Scrolls marriage in general was an afterthought, it was only added as an option in Skyrim. You can marry anyone," Hines said, adding later. Not any NPC, just any male or female. Doesn't matter what you're playing.

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As for childbirth, thee is impossible to have a child in Elder Scrolls through pregnancy, but one can adopt a child, and the only requirement for it is a marriage. Another Bethesda property though, which doesn't have marriage, but does have no qualms about gender is the Fallout Series.

Common Sense says

There are a lot of gay characters in Elder Scrolls Online, one quest has you picking flowers from an dying elderly gay couple's youth. I loved that quest! There's also a Dunmer woman and a Khajiit woman in the Hollow City where they like each other and you can set them up.

future 3 into the the sims

Nothing ever comes of it though since it's just casual non-quest dialogue, but I want to believe! Also, in the Thieves Guild questline you have the chance to express your affections for one of a few characters in the main cast.

I chose the Argonian guy.

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Mostly the inho team working on each game. Though Bioware was always significantly more progressive than the rest of the industry, particularly in their narratives.

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The transition from DA2 to DAI was from making literally every romanceable character super bi to having at least one character for any orientation available. That is the most interesting transition to me. From a the sims 3 into the future perspective I was happier with DAI since it seemed more plausible and interesting, but DA2 let me romance Merrill with every one of my characters, so I preferred that in practice. Ea downloaded you can see posting, actions, achievements and many more things your friends and you do and achieved.

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